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IL accident lawyerAccording to recent estimates, more than 10 percent of Illinois drivers lack the liability insurance required by state law. When one of these uninsured drivers causes a car accident resulting in property damage—or worse, bodily injury—it can make the process of recovering compensation more difficult for the victims. Fortunately, Illinois government is taking steps to address the problem of uninsured drivers, including implementing a new electronic verification system to identify drivers who violate the state’s mandatory car insurance laws.

How Does the Car Insurance Verification System Work?

The Illinois Secretary of State’s new Illinois Insurance Verification System (ILIVS), goes into effect on July 1, 2021. All vehicles registered in Illinois will be subject to at least two annual checks, conducted at random intervals throughout the year, to determine whether they are covered by an active liability insurance policy. The verifications will be conducted automatically using records from auto insurance providers throughout the state.

If the office of the Secretary of State is unable to verify a vehicle’s insurance coverage automatically, the driver will be sent a letter requiring them to provide proof of insurance coverage within 30 days. If the driver cannot furnish proof, the vehicle’s registration will be suspended, and the driver will not be legally permitted to drive it until they obtain liability insurance and pay a reinstatement fee of $100.


IL accident lawyerAccording to the Illinois Department of Transportation, in 2019, more than 30 people died and more than 1,700 were injured in work zone car accidents. Drivers, passengers, and road workers are all at risk of injury in a work zone crash, and in many cases, the resulting injuries are severe and life-altering. In order to recover fair compensation for your injuries, it is important to understand how liability is determined in these accidents.

Possible Liable Parties

Depending on the circumstances leading to a crash in a work zone, a variety of parties could be found negligent. These include:

  • Drivers involved in the accident - As with most car accidents, negligent drivers are the most common at-fault parties in work zone crashes. Although work zones may present more accident risks, drivers are responsible for reasonably considering those risks and adapting their behavior accordingly. If a driver fails to reduce their speed or stay alert to lane shifts, construction barricades, and workers on the road, they can be liable for resulting injuries.
  • Construction workers - Workers are often the victims of road work accidents, but in some cases, they can be the cause. They may be liable if an accident happens because they do not perform their duties according to safety standards; for example, if a poorly operated piece of machinery impedes the roadway without warning.
  • Organizations responsible for the road work - Contractors and local or state governments who oversee road construction projects can be at fault for work zone accidents if they fail to ensure that the work zone is reasonably safe or display proper warnings to approaching vehicles.
  • Equipment manufacturers - Some work zone accidents are caused by machinery, equipment, or construction vehicles that malfunction or break down when traffic is present. In these cases, the manufacturer can be liable due to a defect that could have reasonably been prevented.

If you are injured in a work zone accident, an attorney can help you investigate the crash to determine the root cause, and from there, identify the party or parties that are at fault. You are entitled to compensation from any negligent party that contributed to your injuries. This can include payment of your medical bills, as well as compensation for lost income and pain and suffering in the case of long-term or life-altering injuries.


IL accident lawyerIf you are injured in a car accident because of the actions of another driver, your case for compensation relies on your ability to demonstrate that driver’s negligence. However, compensation usually does not come directly from the driver, but rather from their car insurance provider through their liability coverage. If the driver is uninsured, this is a major obstacle to the success of your claim.

Fortunately, you likely have another option for covering your medical bills and other losses if the at-fault driver lacks insurance. Namely, you can file a claim with your own insurance provider through your uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage is required on all Illinois car insurance policies. However, ensuring that you receive the full compensation you deserve can still be a difficult process.

When Does Uninsured Motorist Coverage Apply?

In addition to cases in which the negligent driver has no insurance, uninsured motorist coverage can also provide compensation when the at-fault driver flees the scene of the accident in a hit-and-run and cannot be found or identified. If the at-fault driver has some coverage, but not enough to cover all of your damages, you can instead file a claim through your underinsured motorist coverage. This could be the case if your injuries are severe, or if the other driver is responsible for injuries to several people.


IL accident lawyerEveryone knows that speed limits are posted for a reason. The risk of a car accident resulting in serious injury or death increases as the speed of the vehicle increases. However, this does not stop a large percentage of drivers from driving above the speed limit.

Automotive technology has changed dramatically in recent decades. While self-driving cars are still a rare sight, more and more standard vehicles are coming equipped with technology like adaptive cruise control. Although this technology is intended to make driving safer, a recent study suggests that drivers are actually more likely to speed when their vehicle is equipped with this technology.

Safety Benefits May Be Overshadowed by Driver Negligence

Approximately three million people are injured in car accidents each year in the United States. These injuries incur more than $75 billion in medical bills and lost productivity. It is in everyone’s best interests for drivers to drive cautiously and follow traffic laws. Adaptive cruise control adjusts the vehicle’s distance from the vehicle in front of it and reduces the need for the driver to manually adjust the cruise control setting as traffic patterns change. Technology like adaptive cruise control and automatic lane-centering is designed to help drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, stay safe, however, it may have the opposite effect.


IL accident lawyerBeing the victim of a rear-end collision can be a shocking experience to go through. Most victims are not aware of the imminent danger they are facing until seconds before the crash. Many suffer neck injuries such as whiplash, head injuries, facial lacerations, and other painful and debilitating injuries. If you or a loved one were hurt in a rear-end accident, you should know that you may have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. You could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, physical pain, disfiguration, and more.

What You Must Prove to Get Compensation for Rear-End Collision Injuries

The purpose of auto insurance is to compensate car accident victims for their damages. However, the compensation available through the at-fault driver’s insurer may be insufficient. In cases such as these, the injured party may choose to file a personal injury claim.

The four basic components that you must prove to get compensation through a personal injury claim include:

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