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Avoiding Injury in a Severe Car Accident

Posted on in Car Accidents

severe car accidentMotor vehicle accidents are one of the most common reasons for serious injury. According to Fine Chiropractic, every 14 seconds, someone in the United States is injured in a car accident. Two million of these people will suffer permanent injuries as a result of the crash. The statistics are not any better internationally. Fine Chiropractors reports that car accidents are the leading cause of acquired disability worldwide.

The good news is that the rate at which people are seriously or permanently injured in car accidents has steadily declined, primarily resulting from better safety technology inside vehicles, as well as safety initiatives aimed at driving better, curbing drunk driving, and enforcing strict punishments for avoidable accidents.

Spinal cord, neck, head or brain injuries are the most common severe injuries that result from car crashes. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent paralysis. Neck and head injuries can range from as minor as whiplash, to as severe as cranial hemorrhaging. Being in a serious car accident does not have to be so grave, however. Even in the most severe accidents in which the potential for injury is high, there are several things you can do to mitigate the severity of injury.

The most obvious ways to avoid serious injury in the event of a crash is to follow road rules and to drive sober. Maintaining your vehicle—by regularly checking tires, liquid levels, head and taillights, and airbags—is crucial. Even if maintenance may seem an unnecessary expense, it is likely going to be less cost and damage to you than hospital bills or medication.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 10 states accounted for half of all national medical costs resulting from car accidents. Illinois is one of these states. In 2010, the cost of car accidents to the state of Illinois amounted to a whopping $1.32 billion. CNN Money reports that the majority of these costs arise from emergency services, continued medical care, police services, damage to personal property, and “lost productivity and quality of life.” These costs are roughly 2.5 times more costly than traffic jams, according to CNN Money.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident, regardless of how severe, the most important step is to seek legal counsel. Do not go through it alone. Contact a Waukegan accident attorney today.

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