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Safe Driving Tips with Child Passengers

Posted on in Car Accidents

safe driving tips-WaukeganDriving with children can be taxing, but it is essential to take certain measures to ensure their safety. Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death among kids. More than 600 children aged 12 years and younger died in 2015 from a car accident and thousands were injured. Therefore, it is imperative that parents and caregivers adhere to the road laws and regulations regarding child passengers.

  1. Make sure children are wearing seat belts. Children should not be sharing seat belts, and the seat belts should be resting securely against their bodies. In addition, children should be using both the lap and shoulder belt.

  1. Follow the law. Depending on the child’s age, weight, and height, he or she may be legally required to sit in a child car seat or booster seat.

  1. Children under 13 years of age should not sit in the front seat. Deployed airbags can be fatal to young children.

  1. Do not leave young children unattended in a vehicle. Whether the vehicle is in ignition or not, you should avoid leaving young children in a car even if it is just for a few minutes. A child may begin playing with the vehicle’s gearshift and gas pedal which can be dangerous if the vehicle is in ignition. In addition, leaving a young child in a car during warm weather can cause the child to suffer from a heatstroke or can even cause death.

  1. Do not leave young children alone around vehicles. Make sure no children are behind or nearby your vehicle as you reverse from your driveway or park your vehicle.

  1. Discuss car safety rules with your kids. Make sure your children understand the rules they must follow when riding in a vehicle. Explain to them that they should not get up in a moving car, get out of their booster or child safety seat unless instructed to do so, and they should not unfasten their seat belts until the vehicle has reached its destination and the engine is turned off. In addition, you should tell your children to avoid fighting and being loud while you or someone else is driving. Distracted driving can pose a threat to both your and your children’s safety.

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