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How an App May Cause Your Next Car Accident

Posted on in Car Accidents

traffic accidents, distracted driving, Lake County car accident attorneys, Illinois car accident, rear-end collisionThere are countless apps available on mobile phones—messaging apps, navigation apps, and game apps. There is something for everyone.

Although apps provide a great deal of entertainment and a way to make connections that transcend borders, they can also lead to distracted driving.

In fact, many of these apps were developed with the intention of being used on the road.

The Pokemon Go game allows motorists to search for Pokemon while driving. Drivers can use Snapchat, a messaging app, to posts photos that list the vehicle’s speed. Waze, a popular navigation app, gives drivers reward points when they report traffic incidents.

Even the useful navigation app by Google Maps can cause drivers to be distracted every time they have to look to the phone for directions or to accept a different route.

A Rise in Traffic Accidents and Fatalities

Traffic accidents declined over the last four decades, but increased within the last two years. The increase was the highest recorded in 50 years. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that 2016 saw the most traffic accidents and fatalities since 2007.

When the issue of distracted driving grabbed national attention 10 years ago, the focus was on drivers using their cellphones to text or make calls while operating vehicles. However, more driving safety experts are recognizing the inherent danger of apps that were made to be used while driving—for the purpose of decreasing distractions.

For example, Apple’s CarPlay app allows drivers of certain car models to connect their iphones to their cars’ in-dash display. The app relies heavily on the iphone’s virtual assistant, Siri, to play music on the phone, answer calls, and respond to texts. While the app allows drivers to use their iphones hands-free, it does not necessarily minimize distracted driving—as Apple so claims.

Oftentimes, these apps that are intended to reduce distracted driving cause traffic accidents. Touching the phone or speaking into a voice assistant means that the driver is looking away from the road or his or her full attention is not on traffic. And in those few seconds, an accident such as a rear-end collision, can occur.

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