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Defensive Driving and Avoiding Vehicle Accidents

Posted on in Car Accidents

Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois personal injury lawyer,Defensive driving courses exist for a reason: Every driver can increase their chances of avoiding an auto accident when they are properly equipped to practice defensive driving techniques. Learning how to prevent collisions always begins with being observant when behind the wheel. Looking ahead, keeping your eyes on both your side and rearview mirrors, and watching for any surrounding hazards is key to stopping an accident before it happens.

Here are some examples of dangerous roadway behaviors and how to spot them before a bad situation turns worse:

1. Erratic movements: Your attentiveness is your best weapon against collision, so staying alert to any erratic driving behaviors around you is one of the best ways to protect yourself on the open road. When you notice another vehicle making fast, careless movements, or maneuvers that indicate the driver is not paying attention to the road (such as swerving into another lane), slow down and steer clear of the vehicle to ensure you are out of its range. Erratic movements can also imply aggressive, reckless driving behavior, which can stem from unstable, angry, and irrational mental states.

2. Failure to use signals: A driver’s failure to use signals can indicate many things, including a lack of focus on the road. For example, if a driver is distracted, there is a good chance they are less likely to use their turn signals to properly warn other drivers around them of their intention to switch lanes, turn at an intersection, or change directions. If you catch a driver darting from lane to lane or making sudden movements without warning you first, keep your distance and continue to keep an eye on them while you travel in the same vicinity.

3. Tailgating: The second you observe another driver exhibiting tailgating behavior, it is crucial you create distance between your vehicle and theirs. Tailgating is hands down one of the most dangerous driving behaviors on the roadway, due to the fact that speeding and crowding another car is a surefire recipe for a disastrous collision. If someone is tailgating you, attempt to carefully move out of their way and let them pass. Do not remain in front of them or instigate them in any way. Your best bet is to immediately distance yourself from the aggressive driver, and if you believe they are a serious hazard to those on the road around them, safely pull over and call the police to report their behavior.

Distracted driving, mixed with these dangerous behaviors sadly create the perfect opportunity for accidents to happen. Remaining alert, attentive, and owning your actions behind the wheel can significantly impact the number of car accidents on Illinois roadways. If you have been involved in a collision caused by a careless driver, speak with a skilled Lake County car accident attorney today. Call Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. at 847-662-3303 for a special consultation.



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