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Minor Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries May Still Have Long-Lasting Effects

Posted on in Car Accidents

minor car accident injuryIt may seem like a relief when only minor injuries are listed on motor vehicle accident reports since all too often, these types of collisions can prove fatal. However, minor injuries may still have a long-term effect on car accident victims, impacting both their future quality of life and financial stability.

According to the CDC, more than 2.5 million drivers and passengers sought treatment in emergency rooms in 2012 after being involved in motor vehicle accidents, the leading the cause of death in the United States. This number coincides with the reported increased cost of $80 billion in medical care and losses in productivity which result from motor vehicle accident injuries.

Minor injuries often take significant time to fully heal or manifest as a recurring injury. Examples of common car accident injuries include:

  • whiplash;
  • spinal injuries;
  • brain injuries; and
  • psychological trauma.

Whiplash occurs when a victim’s neck is whipped back and forth as a result of a direct impact to the vehicle. It causes soreness and tension in the neck and upper back and can lead to cases of chronic pain. This development of chronic pain can also occur as a result of a spinal injury. Herniated discs or out of place vertebrae can range in pain levels from mild soreness to debilitating back pain.

Injuries to the brain call for extra sensitivity. They can lead to long-term health concerns such as: headaches, memory loss, and anxiety. Physical injuries are not necessarily separate from the psychological trauma car accident victims endure. Both physical and psychological pain can alter a person’s quality of life.

When injuries occur that require ongoing care, medical bills and time missed from work can prove costly. A financial hardship only adds to the lasting stress endured as a result of a motor vehicle accident. If you have been involved in a car accident in Illinois, contact an experienced Chicago auto accident attorney today for a free case evaluation.
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