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Truck Driver Fatigue: When Truckers Drive Unsafe Distances

Posted on in Truck Accidents

asleep at the wheel, driver inattention, fatigued drivers, Illinois truck driver fatigue attorneys, long distance truckers, overtired drivers, truck driver fatigue, truckersIt is no secret that truckers travel extremely long distances, often without rest. Trucking companies make profits when products are moved quickly, and it is not unheard of for drivers to be behind the wheel for days at a time, and without a break.

However, a recent popular news story has raised concern for truck driver fatigue and company responsibility regarding policies that encourage drivers to power through unsafe limits. According to KY3.com, the issue of truckers crossing their safety limits when behind the wheel is a national problem. And instead of being encouraged and rewarded for delivery of goods in an unsafe manner, truck drivers should be encouraged to take breaks without fear of job loss.

National law states that professional truckers “can log no more than 11 hours a day,” reports KY3.com. However, corporations often overlook this limit. Sometimes corporations “have a pattern of making near impossible demands on truckers” in the competitive industry, which leads to more accidents.

Noted in a National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration report, the vast majority of single-vehicle crashes involving a large truck are caused by driver inattention (such as day-dreaming or drifting off to sleep). The largest percentage of multi-vehicle crashes involving a semi-truck, in which mechanical vehicle failure was not a factor, were caused by inadequate surveillance. This could also be the result of fatigue and over-driving. The highest percentage of total semi crashes caused by direct driver error were those in which the driver was actually asleep at the wheel.

Motor vehicle accidents are frightening, especially when a semi-truck is involved. If you were injured in an Illinois semi-truck crash due to truck driver fatigue, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. today at 847-662-3303 for a free consultation. Our lawyers offer strategic advocacy and will work to protect your rights.

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