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carA City of Chicago Department of Transportation report shows that Chicago children were the most likely pedestrians to be involved in motor vehicle accidents. High school-age children, ages 15 to 18, had the highest rate of pedestrian accidents, and elementary-age children (five to 14 years) had the second highest crash rate.

While seniors were the second least likely to be involved in a pedestrian crash, the proportion of seniors who were killed in such accidents was higher than other age groups. Frailty and likelihood to be suffering from other debilitating conditions was a probable cause for these disproportionate figures. Seniors were involved in 6.2 percent of pedestrian crashes while they were involved in 9.5 percent of all fatal crashes in the City of Chicago.

The number of pedestrian crashes involving children has decreased in recent years, however. Between the years of 2005 and 2009, “the annual number of pedestrian crashes involving five to 18-year-olds decreased by 28 percent,” from 964 in 2005 to 698 in 2009.


Chicago pedestrian accident attorney, Chicago pedestrian injury attorneys, pedestrian deaths, pedestrian fatalities, pedestrians killed, Chicago pedestriansMajor cities always have more pedestrian accidents than suburbs or rural communities. This, of course, is for obvious reasons: the greater the number of people walking around a busy or congested traffic area, the greater the number of occurring accidents.

In recent years, several major cities across the country have taken serious measures to bring the number of accidents involving pedestrians way down, though it does not necessarily seem to be working.

As reported by the New York Daily News, pedestrian deaths from motor vehicles are on the uptick in New York City. And noted in a report issued in January by the New York Police Department, there could be an estimated 200 pedestrian deaths caused by motor vehicles in New York by the end of 2014. Different police statistics show that this is a significant increase from the 156 pedestrian fatalities in 2013, the 152 reported in 2012, or the 142 reported in 2011.


Chicago bike accident attorney, Chicago pedestrian accident attorney, hit-and-run, bicycle accident, bike crashes, pedestrian accidents, fleeing the sceneFor many it may seem unfathomable to be involved in an accident and then flee the scene without exchanging information with the other person. Unfortunately, not every driver remains at the scene.

The number of hit-and-run incidents in the U.S. is on the rise. In fact, the number increased more than 13 percent between 2009 and 2011. And according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and as reported by USA Today, roughly one in five pedestrian accidents is a hit-and-run.

Pedestrians, however, are not the only victims of hit-and-run accidents. Bicycle riders can be victim to hit-and-runs as well. And as the number of Chicago bicyclists continues to increase, so does the number of accidents involving cyclists. Noted by the Chicago Sun-Times, the number of “bike crashes reported to police rose by 38 percent between 2001 and 2011.” When involved in a hit-and-run accident in Illinois, the most important first step is to record all available information, notes DMV.org. To start, if the crash involved two vehicles, check your car for marks. Write down detailed descriptions of anything you remember about the offending vehicle. Next, take note of any injuries you may have sustained as well as the exact time and day of the incident. Also, look around for possible witnesses. Another set of eyes could help reveal any details you may have missed. Finally, you will then need to contact the police and file a police report, and then contact an accident lawyer. Though it may seem counterintuitive, do not chase the other driver of the car.

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