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Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to experience a motor vehicle accident is familiar with the initial state of shock and panic that occurs just seconds after the accident. Victims experience a range of emotions, from anger and confusion to numbness and overwhelming fear. The emotional toll can be endless, especially when the accident is severe and multiple lives are affected in a mere matter of minutes.

Once the damage is done, there is no going back, but the moments that immediately follow the accident can be crucial. Knowing which steps to take after the impact can decrease the negative effects on your body both mentally and physically, while at the same time protecting your best interests when it is time to file an insurance claim.

The First Few Minutes


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Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois bicycle accident lawyer, “Dooring” is one of the most common types of bicycle accidents that occur in Illinois today. This type of accident refers to any incident in which a cyclist is riding on a road and runs into an open — or opening — door of a parked car. Most often this accident is the fault of the motorist, who does not look before opening the driver’s door of the vehicle, and opens the door of the car into an oncoming bicycle.

While bike lanes have helped to reduce the number of bike accidents, in many cases they can actually make the possibility of these incidents greater, because the cyclist is less likely to be paying full attention. Some cyclist advocate agencies argue that bike lanes lead to a false sense of security for cyclists. As such, it is increasingly important that cyclists pay full attention at all times while riding in a busy car city, such as Chicago, even and perhaps especially when riding in bike lanes.

The dangers of bike lanes include, but are not limited to:


Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,No matter how minor or serious injuries received are, a car accident is still an emotional experience. When the driver of the car is a family member or friend, it can make the whole ordeal more difficult than if the negligent driver was a stranger.

Understanding Your Priorities

Your first priority after a car accident, no matter who was at fault, is to make sure you get the medical care you need. Even if your injuries do not require immediate medical attention, you should still see a medical professional as soon as possible. It is not uncommon to have injuries where symptoms do not appear until a day or two after the accident.


Illinois accident attorney, Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death lawyer, When wintry weather hits, the number of car accidents often spikes. Sometimes a driver in an accident will use the defense that an accident was caused by the weather and not the driver. Is it possible for the weather to be the one at fault for a car accident?

Liability and Causation

Drivers are required to be careful and alert while driving and make sure they are being safe, given the circumstances on the road. Drivers are expected to slow down when the roads are slick and pay extra attention when the visibility is low. Weather may play a part in the causation of a car accident, but usually one or more of the drivers are primarily at fault.


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Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,One of the scariest feelings a motorist can experience is driving down a road when suddenly, the glare of the sun hits the windshield, leaving the driver unable to see anything that is in front of the vehicle. Even just a few seconds of sun blindness can result in a serious car accident.

As if driving facing the sun is not difficult enough, there are other factors which can exacerbate the situation even more. If a vehicle’s windshield is dirty, this can cause the glare to become more intense. And this time of year, sun glaring offing snowfall can be particularly blinding. It is also this time of year – as well as in autumn – that sun glare issues become more of a problem. The sun sets earlier in the evening, and there are few, if any, leaves on the trees.

Although drivers have no control over sun glare, it is not a viable excuse for causing a car crash, falling into the same category as icy roads, snowstorms, heavy rains, or animals running into the road. Under the law, each driver has an obligation and duty to maintain control of their vehicle and to use caution.

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