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Pet Containments for Vehicles: How Safe Is Your Pet in a Car Crash?

Posted on in Motorcycle Accidents

For many dog-owners, their dog is not just a pet, but is considered a member of the family. Many of us take our dogs on vacations and other family outings. Cats, too, may need to be in a family vehicle, for the necessary vet visit or if the family is moving. Although some models of vehicles now offer pet-containment options, one of the most popular ways to transport a pet in a vehicle is by pet carrier. Consumers purchase these items thinking they are keeping their pet safe, especially in the event of a motor vehicle accident. But just how much protection do these pet carriers actually offer? A recent study asked just that question and its results may disturb pet owners who thought they were doing their best in protecting their dog or cat.

The study was completed by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), and sponsored by Subaru of America. The study examined eight carriers and four crates to determine how effective they are in a crash. In the event of a crash, these pet-containment products should do several things in order to protect the animal inside and any people who are in the vehicle. If the carrier does not remain secure at its connection points in a crash, then it can become a projectile, injuring the animal inside or hitting anyone in the vehicle.

One of the issues that the CPS discovered when commencing this study was that there are no federal regulations which oversee pet-containments – despite the claim of many manufacturers that their products meet federal guidelines. Without any federal regulations, the CPS had to come up with their own guidelines for this study. They also developed animal crash dummies – a 45 pound dog, a 75 pound dog, and a 15 pound cat. No real animals were used for this study.

Of the twelve products tested, only three actually withstood crashes. Several products which claimed that their products had been tested did not just fail to stay connected, but broke apart when the test animal came in contact with it. In other instances, straps tore free during the crash. There were also tests where the straps stayed in place but the crate itself shattered.

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