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Drug Overdoses While Driving: A New and Concerning Epidemic

Posted on in Drunk Driving Accidents
Illinois accident attorney, Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois car crash lawyer,According to national statistics, heroin and opiate overdoses have increased by 500 percent since 2005. This is concerning, in and of itself, but there is an even more frightening epidemic. All across the country, and right here in Illinois, there are drivers who are suffering from an overdose behind the wheel of a car. This puts them, and countless others at risk. Learn what this drugged driving epidemic may mean for you and your family, and what you can do, should an accident occur. A Look at the Overdosed Driver Epidemic There have been multiple incidents nationwide of overdosed while driving. In Milwaukee, a passerby reported that an in-gear vehicle was blocking traffic and that the man behind the wheel appeared to be dead. When officers arrived on the scene, they broke into the vehicle and found that that man, not breathing and turning blue, was not dead, but had overdosed. They gave him an opiate overdose antidote to revive him. In Ohio, a driver and passenger were found passed out in a car, not breathing and turning blue, with a small child in the back seat of the car. The vehicle was in park but the risk is clear: had they been driving at the time, they, the child, and anyone around them would have been at risk for death and/or injury. A Boston man, also an overdosed driver, crashed his vehicle into another person’s car while driving. The news report did not indicate if anyone was injured in the accident, but the man was revived, again using the antidote for opiate overdose. If You Are the Victim of an Overdosed Driver Accident Because the problem is so prevalent, it is critical that Illinois drivers know how to respond appropriately, should they experience an accident with a drugged driver. First, make sure to call emergency responders. Not only do you and your passengers need to be assessed for possible injuries, but the drugged driver may need the potentially life-saving antidote. Further, they may have other non-drugged passengers in their vehicle (children are of especially high concern) that need medical care. Once everyone is safe, make sure you visit the hospital or your primary care doctor to check for any injuries that were not immediately noticeable at the time of the crash. Lastly, make sure you gather as much documentation as possible and supply it to your attorney. Doing so protects your right to compensation and ensures that all your losses are accounted for when pursuing damages. Contact Our Lake County Personal Injury Lawyers

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