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Gurnee dog bite injury lawyerWith the sunshine finally becoming a mainstay in the greater Chicago area forecast, more and more Chicagoans are choosing to spend time outdoors. Many people view summer as the perfect time to be outside with their dogs. While a large number of furry friends on the city’s streets can be a welcome sight for any dog lover, the influx of animals does come with risk. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), roughly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Even more concerning is the fact that 20% of all dog bites nationwide result in dangerous infection to the victim. 

Just weeks ago, a couple were attacked by three dogs in Cook County’s Elgin Forest Preserve. After being startled by the stray dogs, the Gurnee couple attempted to fight off the animals. Still, one member of the couple suffered multiple puncture wounds in her leg, ultimately resulting in stitches, ongoing testing for infection, and potentially lifelong emotional trauma. If you or a loved one suffer a dog bite injury this summer, it is important to understand your options for pursuing compensation from any liable parties. 

Avoiding Dog Bites 


slip and fall injuriesAs temperatures in the greater Chicagoland area continue to rest below freezing temperatures, ice and snow continues to spread. Most people are well aware of the increased dangers of driving during the winter, as limited visibility, decreased space on the road, and worsening conditions, make driving in the winter a risky endeavor. But winter weather does not only change the landscape of vehicular travel, it increases risk of injury for pedestrians and employees, as they navigate the sidewalks to and from their stores of choice and respective places of work.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 800,000 people are hospitalized annually due to an injury caused by slipping and falling. If you or a member of your family suffer an injury due to slipping on the ice this winter, contact a personal injury attorney.

Types and Costs of Injuries

The two most common injuries that occur during a fall are injuries to the head and hip. Suffering head trauma can be incredibly painful, disorienting, and expensive. A break to the hip bone, however, can be one of the most grueling injuries imaginable and almost always requires surgery.


Most property owners understand the basics of premises liability. For the most part, an owner&s liability is tied to that owner&s negligence in failing to maintain safe premises or failure to addresses a dangerous condition on the property. Chicago owners are responsible for any number of dangerous conditions, like a vicious dog or an icy patch.

But a recent decision in an Illinois concealed carry law has some property owners questioning just how far their liability extends. The new law does not provide any answers because it does not specifically address who is liability if something happens because of a concealed carry in an otherwise "gun-free" zone.

Business owners, of course, have the option to post gun-free or no-guns-allowed signs but signs may not prevent someone from coming into the business with a concealed weapon.


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The snowstorm hit hard and quickly during the early morning of February 1 this year. Chicago residents know how to handle snow but the conditions of this storm were perfect for slippery paths and sidewalks and a number of individuals were caught off guard.

Just 20 minutes into the storm, first responders saw head injuries, a broken arm, and one person knocked unconscious. Roughly 135 miles south of Chicago at the University of Illinois in Champaign, were it is not uncommon to have busy sidewalks at 1 a.m., students were falling all over the place.

Police officers acted quickly and started to spread salt on the sidewalks to avert more falls. Officers hoped to prevent additional injuries to pedestrians. The number of injuries may have been much worse if law enforcement had waited for businesses to open and take care of the salting and clearing of sidewalks themselves.


With the last round of winter storms and cold weather, Illinois residents know that it is dangerous outside. Sidewalks and roads are covered with ice and snow, which make them quite slippery. But outside slip and falls are not the only concern.

A woman took a fall inside a Wal-Mart in Collinsville, Illinois and claims that she was injured in the fall. The accident happened in May of 2012. According to the woman&s legal complaint, she was shopping at the Wal-Mart when she says that she slipped in some spilled dish soap.

The woman&s complaint also says that Wal-Mart failed in its duty to create a safe place for shopping and that the store failed to warm its customers of the dangerous spill on the floor. Wal-Mart responded to the complaint and denied the allegations. The company specifically denies the fact that the woman&s fall was the proximate result of Wal-Mart&s negligence. Wal-Mart also disagreed to the extent of the woman&s claimed injuries and damages. She is asking for a judgment of more than $50,000 for injuries to her shoulder and knee.

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