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IL injury lawyerSchool buses, city buses, coach buses, and other types of buses transport millions of Americans across the U.S. Some people take a bus to school or work every day and never experience any problems. Unfortunately, other riders suffer serious injuries or even deaths. While rare, fatal and injury-causing bus accidents are not unheard of. Often, when someone is a victim of a bus accident, they face unique challenges recovering compensation for damages. Many buses are owned by government entities. This makes filing an injury claim against a bus driver or bus company particularly complicated.

Injuries Resulting from Bus Crashes

Bus riders assume that the vehicle is safe and that they will reach their destination without incident. However, bus accidents caused by negligent drivers, defective vehicles, poor vehicle maintenance, and other issues can lead to severe injuries. Bus accidents may involve:

  • School buses
  • Public transportation buses such as Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses
  • Private bus companies such as Coach and Greyhound
  • Shuttles
  • Tour buses
  • Private charter buses

Who Is Legally Responsible for a Bus Injury?

Determining fault in a bus accident case is often even more complicated than determining fault in typical car accident cases. This is because so many different parties can contribute to one serious bus crash. Sometimes, a bus crash is caused by a negligent bus driver. The driver may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, texting and driving, or simply too sleepy to stay alert. Often, the bus company is liable for a bus crash caused by a negligent driver. Bus accidents may also be the fault of third parties including other drivers. Bus crashes may be caused or worsened by poor road conditions, inadequate traffic signals, or dangerous intersections. A bus company’s failure to regularly inspect and maintain buses can also cause crashes.


IL injury lawyerIn the busy city of Chicago, there are always construction projects going on. New buildings are erected while others are torn down. Structures are repaired and updated. Because construction sites are so dangerous, they are subject to strict laws and regulations. However, construction accidents can and do occur.

On October 6, 2021, a large crane collapsed mere feet from a residential building. Fortunately, no one was injured. However, the crane accident is a glaring reminder of the danger large construction equipment can pose to workers and non-workers alike.

Crane Collapse Forces Chicago Residents to Evacuate

Construction equipment can weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds. When large equipment like this fails, the results can be catastrophic. The crane collapse that occurred recently in Chicago left more than 100 residents without power and crushed several vehicles. Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) lines were also temporarily closed but service has now been restored. At this time, investigators do not know what caused the crane to tip over, but everyone is thankful that the unexpected accident did not result in severe injuries or deaths.


IL injury lawyerActions have consequences – even if they are unintentional. When a party acts irresponsibly or “negligently” and another party is harmed as a result, the negligent party may be liable for damages. This means that the party is responsible for compensating the injured party for the financial losses suffered as a result of the injury. Damages in a personal injury lawsuit involving a severe injury often include compensation for lost wages. Read on to learn how these damages may be calculated in a lawsuit.

Determining Lost Income from Missed Work

Car accidents, truck accidents, work accidents, defective product injuries, and negligent medical care are just some of the situations that can trigger a personal injury claim. Most of the people who file a personal injury claim must take some time off of work to recover from their injuries. They may also need to take off additional time off work in the future for follow-up doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, or other ongoing medical care.

In a personal injury claim, missed work may be compensable – even if the injured person uses sick days or other forms of paid time off to cover the missed work. Lost wages for an hourly worker are calculated by taking the worker’s hourly wage and multiplying it by the number of work hours missed because of the injury. For example, if the worker makes $30 an hour and missed 40 hours of work, his or her lost income would equal $1,200. If the worker is a salaried employee, lost income may be calculated by taking his or her yearly salary and dividing it by the number of work hours in a year. Then, that number is multiplied by the number of work hours the employee missed due to his or her injuries.


IL injury lawyerAs a parent with school-aged children, you probably trust that your children are safe and well-cared for when they are within the school property. You assume that teachers, custodians, administrators, cafeteria workers, and other school staff will uphold the high expectations you have of them. Unfortunately, some schools miss the mark. If your child was injured or killed due to unreasonably unsafe conditions at their school, you may be able to sue the school and recover damages. However, doing so is a complicated legal process.

When Is a School Liable for a Child Injury?

It is important to keep in mind that suing a public school is quite different than suing a non-government individual or establishment. In a typical personal injury claim, the injured person may sue a party because that party’s negligence, meaning carelessness or recklessness, caused the injury. However, public schools and other government entities are treated differently under Illinois law.

In Illinois, you can only successfully sue a school or school district for s child’s injury if the school or a school employee is acted with “willful and wanton” misconduct. Proving that a school employee acted negligently is not enough.


Posted on in Drunk Driving Accidents

IL injury lawyerRight after a car accident, you may be under stress and not thinking clearly, especially if you are hurt. Even so, you will probably still notice immediately if the other driver is under the influence of alcohol. Drunk drivers typically smell like alcohol and may be stumbling or slurring their words. But what if the other driver is impaired by a drug other than alcohol? This may be less apparent, especially when you are still reeling from a crash. If you suspect that the driver who hurt you is intoxicated, you should mention this to the police when they take a report. Then, you should call a qualified attorney as soon as you can.

What Are Some Signs That a Driver is Impaired by Drugs?

Unlike a drunk driver, a driver who is “high,” or under the influence of another drug may be slightly less obvious. While alcohol - and cannabis - have distinctive smells that are easily recognizable to most people, this is not the case for all drugs. Prescription pain pills, for example, have no odor. Here are some signs that a careless driver may be under the influence of a drug:

  • Drowsiness - Drivers who were simply tired from lack of sleep or a long day usually seem wide awake after a crash. A driver who was using drugs will still appear drowsy, or even appear to be falling asleep after a crash.
  • Excessive Agitation - While it is not uncommon for sober drivers to be angry after a crash - even if they caused it - a driver who has been using stimulants, such as methamphetamine or cocaine, may seem excessively agitated or jumpy. Always keep your safety in mind when dealing with a person who is acting aggressively towards you.
  • Eyes and Nose - A lot of different things can cause red eyes and a runny nose, but combined with other signs of intoxication, this could indicate recent drug use. Some drugs cause pupils to dilate or shrink. Also, beware of drivers who are wearing sunglasses when it is cloudy or dark out - they may be concealing their eyes for a reason.
  • Resists a Police Report - An intoxicated driver may seem desperate to stop you from calling the police to come take a report because they fear being arrested for DUI. Police officers are trained to recognize signs of drug impairment and may notice signs the average person would miss. An intoxicated driver may even try bribing you to not call the police - do not accept. Always insist on filing a police report.

Call a Lake County Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured by a driver who may have been intoxicated, you should call a lawyer as soon as you can. The experienced attorneys at Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. will work to determine whether the other driver’s impairment contributed to the crash. The sooner you speak to a Waukegan car accident attorney after a car crash, the better the evidence can be preserved, and the stronger your case could be. Call 847-662-3303 today for a free consultation and find out what kind of compensation you may be entitled to.

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