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Why Tailgating Is Dangerous and How to Avoid the Dangers

Posted on in Driving Safety

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Tailgating is a form of aggressive driving and an increasing problem in Illinois and across the country. In fact, the National Highway Safety and Transportation Authority (NHTSA) estimates that nearly one fourth of all vehicle accidents are rear-end accidents, and many of these are the result of vehicles following too closely. It is also illegal in Illinois.

Reasons Why People Tailgate

Although tailgating is generally seen as a type of aggressive driving, the reasons behind it are varied. Some drivers tailgate because they are late, others because they are impatient, yet others do so because they are just plain rude or full of anger and rage. There are also those motorists who tailgate but are simply unaware that they are tailgating.

Why Tailgating is Dangerous

Tailgating is dangerous because it creates unsafe and dangerous driving conditions for everyone sharing the road with the tailgating driver. A tailgating driver does not have enough distance to safely bring their vehicle to stop if the driver ahead suddenly stops. Similarly, if there is a stopped vehicle or another hazard ahead and the driver in the car in front swerves to avoid the hazard, a tailgating driver may have little to no time to stop to avoid an accident.

This danger is the same even for those non-aggressive drivers who tailgate because they assume they are skilled enough to quickly stop. Unfortunately, real life does not always match up with a person’s assumptions, and there are often variables that the assumptions do not take into account. Not keeping a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you is simply an accident waiting to happen.

Avoiding Tailgating Dangers

There are things you can do to minimize or altogether avoid the risk of being rear ended by a tailgating driver. For example, if you can safely do so, change lanes and let the tailgating driver pass you. If you cannot safely change lanes or if you are on a single lane road, you may consider turning or pulling over so the tailgater is no longer a danger to you.

When you have done all you can to avoid a tailgating driver and you become a victim of an accident caused by the tailgating driver, seek legal counsel. You will likely have options for pursuing compensation for your injuries.

A Lake County Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you have been involved in an accident caused by an aggressive driver and you are injured as a result, contact an experienced Waukegan personal injury attorney to discuss what can be done to compensate you for those injuries. We are experienced in car accidents such as these and know what it takes to get favorable results for our clients. Schedule a free consultation by calling 847-662-3303. At Salvi & Maher, L.L.C., we collect our fees only when you collect compensation.





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