drowsy drivingWith the holiday season behind us, the Chicagoland area is bustling again as we move further into the new year. Heading back into the routine of work life, commuters are once again braving for early morning journeys to work, and late afternoon treks back home.

Adjusting back into work life can be difficult post-holiday, most notably the re-adjustment back into one’s standard sleep pattern can be especially challenging. Unfortunately a disrupted sleep schedule can lead to more than a bad mood.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an average of 37,000 people are injured each year in drowsy driving accidents. If you or a member of your family are involved in a late-night or early morning collision, it is important to contact an experienced Chicagoland personal injury attorney.

Consider the following tips for noticing the symptoms of drowsy driving in fellow drivers, and how to avoid becoming a drowsy driver yourself

Signs of Drowsy Driving

The chances of a drowsy driving accident are greatly reduced when more than one person is riding in a vehicle. This is in large part due to diligent passengers looking out for signs of drowsy driving. Listed below are a few common signs of drowsy driving. If your driver is displaying any of these signs, it may be prudent to pull over.

Ways to Combat Drowsy Driving

No one intends to drive while sleep deprived. Consider the following simple tips on how to avoid drowsy driving:

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Every year, an average of 730 people are fatally injured in drowsy driving accidents. It is incredibly important to know the signs of drowsy driving and to take the necessary precautions to avoid it. For more information on the dangers of drowsy driving, contact Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. at 847-662-3303 or visit us online to speak with an experienced Lake County personal injury attorney.