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Waukegan Bike Accident Attorney

Motorists and bicycle riders together share the responsibility for keeping Illinois roadways safe for all and preventing bike accidents. This is especially true in Lake County, which contains more than 59 miles of bikeways and trails maintained by the Lake County Division of Transportation, over 45 miles of the Grand Illinois Trail, and over 25 miles of US Bike Route 37. Here are four safety points that everyone should keep in mind this summer: (1) Visibility, (2) Awareness, (3) Right of way, and (4) the Dutch Reach.

1. Visibility

Early mornings and late evenings are popular times for bike riding. Just remember that dim light, fog, and mist can make it harder for cars to see the small profile of a bike rider, especially on hilly or curvy roads where there is little or no paved shoulder. If you like to ride your bike at night or at times of low visibility, make sure your bike is equipped per Illinois law. Bicycles must have a white reflector or lamp on the front that is visible at least 500 feet away and a red reflector or lamp on the rear that is visible in a car’s headlights at distances between 100 feet and 600 feet. New bicycles are also required to have reflectors on the pedals and on the sides of the bike frame or tires.

Staying Safe As a Summer Cyclist in Chicago and Northern Illinois

Gurnee bicycle accident attorneyAs the weather throughout the greater Chicago area continues to rise in temperature, more and more Chicagoans are electing to ride their bikes as a means of transportation and recreation. Commuting via bike has become a prominent alternative to driving throughout the United States. With zero carbon output and a number of health benefits, it is no surprise that more Americans are riding their bicycles than ever. Still, bicycling comes with risk. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 835 American bicyclists were fatally injured in collisions involving motor vehicles throughout 2016. The high fatality rate represented an increase from 2015 and was the highest nationwide cyclist death count since 1991. The next time you or your family enjoy a bike ride, practice extreme caution. In the event of a bicycle accident, it is important to understand how to obtain compensation that will address your damages and help you recover from your injuries. 

Staying Safe This Summer


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Cycling is rapidly growing into a legitimate means of transportation in the United States. In metropolitan areas throughout the country, more and more commuters are electing to ride their bikes to work. Cities such as Portland, Oregon have even reprogrammed their traffic light infrastructures to encourage citizens to ride their bikes.

The benefits of biking as a means of commuting are easy to see: you save money that would be spent either on gas or public transportation, you get a workout before and after work, and you contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. However, cycling to work does come with risk.


bicycle accidents, bicycle dooring accidents, dooring accidents, Lake County bike accident attorneys, Waukegan bicycle accident lawyerChicago has been named America’s Best Bike City, but there are still plenty of dangers for cyclists throughout the city. One of the most common and dangerous types of bicycle accidents is “dooring,” in which a cyclist is struck by a car door that is opened in their path.

Even though Chicago has added over 100 miles of bike lanes to its streets in the past several years, the prevalence of dooring accidents has increased during that time, demonstrating the need for both drivers and cyclists to stay safe when using the road.

Increased Instances of Dooring

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