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Waukegan Train Accident Lawyer

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 1,000 Americans are killed in train-related accidents every year. For those who live in the greater Chicago area, train accidents are a somewhat regular occurrence. In January, a 96-year-old woman narrowly avoided severe or fatal injuries when her vehicle was struck by a Metra train. Fortunately, the elderly driver was saved by two good samaritans and a Lombard police officer. Sadly, many people are not as fortunate in train collisions. If a member of your family was injured in a train-related collision, seek legal assistance immediately. 

Types of Train Accidents

Train collisions are usually devastating regardless of how they occur. Listed below are the most common forms of train collisions. 


Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,When you are injured in a bus or train accident, the road to getting fair compensation for your injuries can be longer and harder than you imagine. There are several factors that can make processing injury claims for the passengers on buses and trains difficult. If you don’t have the help of an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, you may miss your chance to make a claim for your damages.

Several Victims and Possible Coverage Issues

One challenge to cases involving public transportation crashes is the number of accident victims. Unlike a typical car crash, there can be hundreds of victims when a bus or train are involved. If the bus or train operator is at fault, the transportation agency or private company may be overwhelmed with claims, slowing the compensation process.


Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, CTA crashes,In late April, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued its report on the Blue Line crash at Chicago’s O’Hare station last year.  The Board found that the decades-old Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) safety system that can trigger a train’s brakes should be completely replaced by new technology that allows a train to detect potential danger much earlier in the case of an emergency.

The March 2014 crash has been attributed to driver fatigue, but ultimately fault lies with the CTA for failing to properly oversee employee work schedules. The crash was not fatal, but resulted in injuries for 33 of the approximately 50 passengers on board, and caused more than $11 million in damage. The Board’s report, however, is non-binding, and CTA officials have yet to announce that they will take the Board’s recommendation and install the new technological safety measures. The cost is yet unknown, though the price tag to install such a new system is likely high.

The 33 injured parties in this accident would have the right to sue the CTA, based on precedent. In 2013, a $50,000 lawsuit was filed against the CTA after a collision that injured dozens of passengers aboard a CTA train. In this incident, an out-of-service train mysteriously left the yard where it was allegedly parked. The unmanned train traveled the wrong way on the tracks and collided with another in-service train. This accident was also on the Blue Line, leading some advocates to suggest that the line does in fact need a complete safety overhaul. Failure on the CTA’s part to do so could result in more costly lawsuits such as the one filed after the 2013 incident.

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