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Waukegan personal injury attorneysAlthough we rarely think about it, driving is one of the most dangerous activities people do on a regular basis. An estimated 32,000 people lose their lives in car accidents every year in the U.S and thousands more are injured. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, people are starting to make holiday travel plans. During the holiday season, there are even more vehicles than normal on the road, so it is critical to be vigilant. Keep yourself and your family as safe as possible by following these holiday travel safety tips.

Car Accidents Spike Around Thanksgiving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were over 750 fatal car crashes and almost 50,000 non-fatal motor vehicle accidents during Thanksgiving 2012. Every year, traffic accidents spike during the winter holiday season. Many of these accidents are caused by drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who are too sleepy to drive. 

In order to have the best chances of an accident-free holiday, keep the following tips in mind:


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safe driving, Waukegan car accident attorneys, holiday driving, safe car trip, car accidentsDuring the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve holidays, millions of Americans and their families embark on the road. An estimated 47 million people traveled 50 miles or more on Thanksgiving day. This year, the number is expected to be even higher.

Whether it be going on vacation or to your family’s house, keep in mind the following tips for a safe and fun car trip:

  1. If you are traveling long distance, make sure your vehicle is well-equipped and in good condition. If need be, clean out your car and have the oil changed.


safe driving, self-driving cars, traffic accidents, Wheaton personal injury lawyer, autonomous technologyThe safety of vehicles with autonomous technology is being debated across the globe. Those who drive vehicles with autonomous technology oftentimes become too dependent on the vehicle—which can lead to catastrophic accidents. However, self-driving cars can teach drivers of any vehicle more about safer and better driving.

Certain “behaviors” and mechanisms were installed in self-driving cars to improve safety and prevent traffic accidents. Drivers can learn from such behaviors to avoid collisions while on the road.

The Behaviors of Autonomous Vehicles


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Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois personal injury lawyer,The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports a number of factors that contribute to ongoing car accident and injury statistics, including everything from distracted driving, operating under the influence, and aggressive driving behaviors, such as speeding and tailgating. While a majority of collisions stem from these kinds of human negligence and errors behind the wheel, some crash incidents take place due to circumstances simply beyond our control.

Vehicle Awareness

Bad weather and changing road conditions, as well as unexpected traffic jams and other external factors, can sneak up on even the best of drivers, quickly placing them in hazardous situations. Although we cannot prevent every unforeseen danger headed our way, we can focus on what we can control, such as our own vehicle and how we operate it on the roadway. Vehicle awareness is a crucial part of taking a proactive approach to motor vehicle accident and injury prevention.

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