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Libertyville car accident lawyer elderly driversOn Wednesday, September 28, 2018, a 78-year-old woman was fatally injured when her vehicle crashed into a building near the Lincolnwood Mall. According to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, the accident was caused by a medical condition that led to the driver accelerating into a parked car and ultimately colliding with the building. 

The accident was a reminder of the increased dangers that elderly drivers face every time they get behind the steering wheel. If you or your family members have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, finding competent legal representation can be key to you and your family’s recovery. 

Why Elderly Drivers Face Increased Risk 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), elderly drivers are in greater danger of being injured in car accidents for a number of reasons. Older drivers may be affected by diminished vision, reduced reaction time, and symptoms of medication that can impact balance and cognition. 


Chicago car accident injury lawyerEvery year, Americans spend more than one million days recovering from injuries sustained in car accidents. The consequences of a motor vehicle collision can vary in severity, from minor injuries to fatalities. Regardless of the initial impact of an injury, it is important to recognize that car accidents can come with life-long ramifications. The potential long-term impact of a car accident may include permanent physical injury, costly physical therapy, loss of work hours, and psychological stress. 

Common Severe Injuries in Motor Vehicle Collisions

Some of the most impactful car crash injuries may not seem very severe at the time of the accident, but they can have delayed symptoms of varying pain and medical concern. Below are some of the most common chronic injuries that result from car accidents:

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is the common term for the muscle, tendon, and ligament damage that victims may suffer due to the sudden movement which often takes place when vehicles collide. Whiplash injuries can occur without the presence of immediate symptoms, but they can cause ongoing pain for months and even years, requiring significant physical therapy and impacting a victim’s emotional well-being. 
  • Rib Injuries: Bruises and fractures of the ribs are quite common in motor vehicle collisions, even when utilizing proper safety equipment. Rib injuries can actually be caused by the impact of a seatbelt restraint system or the sheer force of an airbag. These can be some of the most painful injuries to cope with, as victims often face extreme pain when breathing, talking, and turning their torso. If you experience rib pain in the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision, it is critically important to inform medical personnel as soon as possible. Severe rib injuries can cause fatal complications, such as punctured lungs and internal bleeding. 
  • Head Trauma: Much like whiplash injuries, traumatic brain injuries can come with delayed symptoms. However, the long-lasting implications of head trauma can be especially problematic. Severe head injuries can lead to brain damage, changes in cognition, and loss of balance. Even the most minor car accidents can cause concussions, which often lead to painful temporary symptoms such as headaches, loss of vision, and sensitivity to light. Symptoms of head injuries can linger for months and cause further damage down the road if they are not treated appropriately. 

Contact a Lake County Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a member of your family have been injured in a car accident, it is possible that you or your loved one could face long-lasting symptoms. The injuries described above are just a few examples of the types of damages that can result in months of expensive physical therapy, lost income, and pain that can last for years. At Salvi and Maher, L.L.C., our legal team has years of experience helping victims recover compensation that addresses the physical and emotional trauma of a motor vehicle collision. To set up a free consultation with a Waukegan car accident attorney, call us today at 847-662-3303.

Protecting Yourself After a Car Accident Involving a Taxi

Libertyville taxicab accident attorneyOn Saturday, September 2nd, 2018, multiple pedestrians were injured after a taxicab collided with a SUV ride-share service vehicle near Navy Pier. The accident, which occurred around 4:30 p.m., was the fault of both drivers, as the ride-share driver was cited for running a red light, and the taxicab driver was issued two citations. In all, eight people suffered injuries that required hospitalization. Fortunately, none of the injuries proved fatal. 

While this latest taxicab accident may come as a surprise to some, taxicab collisions are fairly common throughout the United States. Here in the state of Illinois, taxi accidents occur at an alarmingly high rate. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), there were approximately 5,271 taxicab accidents throughout the state of Illinois in 2015 alone. While only three people ultimately suffered fatal injuries in collisions involving taxicabs in 2015, more than 1,000 people (including over 150 pedestrians ) were injured to the extent that they required hospitalization. If you or a loved one is injured in a collision involving a taxi, it is critically important to find a trained legal team to represent your best interests. 

Ensuring Justice for You and Your Family 

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision involving a taxi, it is likely that either the taxi collided with your vehicle or you, as a passenger within the taxi, were struck by another vehicle. In both cases, there are a few simple steps you can take to help ensure that you and your family receive the legal compensation you deserve.  

Driving at Night? Proceed With Caution to Avoid a Car Accident

Chicago car accident lawyer nighttime driving safetyRecently, on the night of July 29, 2018, six tragic, fatal injuries occurred in motor vehicle collisions throughout the city of Chicago. One accident occurred when a woman was ejected from her motorcycle. Another accident occurred after two teenagers crashed on the Far South Side; both teens were killed. The only connection among these fatal accidents is that they all occurred in darkness.

According to the National Safety Council, the risk of fatal motor vehicle collisions is three times higher at night than in the daytime. Despite the fact that far fewer drivers drive during the night that at daytime, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that approximately 49% of all traffic fatalities occur at night. If you plan to drive in hours of darkness, practice extreme caution.

Staying Safe While Driving at Night 

Aggressive Driving Accident Injures Seven on Lake Shore Drive

Gurnee aggressive driving accident attorneyA recent high-speed crash on Chicago’s North Lake Shore Drive is just the latest example of car accidents caused by aggressive driving in the state of Illinois. The accident, which occurred around 1:30 a.m. on Monday, August 13, ultimately injured seven people. The driver, a 28-year-old man driving a Honda Accord, was traveling at speeds well above the speed limit when he lost control of his vehicle and ran into an embankment. While no one was killed in the collision, the accident serves as a reminder of the tangible dangers of aggressive driving.   

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) defines aggressive driving as “the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property.” Studies conducted by the NHTSA found that aggressive driving played a significant role in over half of all highway fatalities from 2003 to 2007. 

Identifying Aggressive Driving 

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