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Chicago bike accident lawyerRecently, a man was killed in Chicago’s West Humboldt neighborhood in a hit and run accident. The man was found fatally injured with his bicycle was lying next to him. A witness to the accident said that she saw the 42-year-old man riding his bike just minutes before the collision. The accident reminded all Illinoisans of the reality that bicyclists face increased risk of severe and even fatal injuries in collisions with motor vehicles

Bicycle Accidents Statewide 

The huge size and weight differential between bicycles and cars often results in serious harm to cyclists who are involved in a bicycle accident. In the state of Illinois, bicyclists face increased risk of injury due to inclement weather, as well as the urban nature of many of our roadways. In a study conducted in 2014 by the Governors Highway Safety Association, Illinois ranked fifth among all states in bicycle injuries. Since the study was conducted, not much has changed. In 2016 alone, over 3,000 Illinoisans were injured while riding their bicycles. Additionally, 20 bicyclists suffered fatal injuries throughout the state in 2016. 

Nationwide Bike Injuries

Tragically, bicycle injuries are a massive issue throughout the entire country. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bicyclists face a much higher risk of fatal injury than those traveling within motor vehicles. In 2015 alone, more than 1,000 Americans were killed in bicycle accidents. Even more alarming is the fact that an incredible 467,000 American cyclists suffered severe injuries throughout 2015. 


Lake Forest bicycle collision lawyerEvery year, thousands of cyclists around the country are injured in bicycle crashes. Due to the limited protection afforded to cyclists in these collisions, bicycle crashes can be accompanied by severe, and even fatal, injury. Recently, Chicago area cyclists were reminded of the inherent risks they face every time they ride their bike. 

On Tuesday, August 5th, a bicyclist traveling around North Avenue and Clark Street was injured when he was struck by a 2006 Mazda SUV. The driver of the Mazda fled from the scene and was later arrested after colliding with multiple law enforcement vehicles. For bicyclists around the Chicago area, the accident further proves just how dangerous riding your bike can be. 

Bicycle Injuries Nationwide 


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Cycling is rapidly growing into a legitimate means of transportation in the United States. In metropolitan areas throughout the country, more and more commuters are electing to ride their bikes to work. Cities such as Portland, Oregon have even reprogrammed their traffic light infrastructures to encourage citizens to ride their bikes.

The benefits of biking as a means of commuting are easy to see: you save money that would be spent either on gas or public transportation, you get a workout before and after work, and you contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. However, cycling to work does come with risk.


fatal bicycle accidents, Lake County personal injury lawyers, bicycle safety, bicycle accidents, fatal bicycle crashesIn collisions between bicycles and automobiles, the chance that a bicyclist will be seriously injured is high. Bicyclists may wear helmets and reflective clothing, follow the rules of the road, and do everything they can to stay safe, but they are often struck by vehicles through no fault of their own, resulting in catastrophic, life-altering injuries.

In recent years, this concern has grown as more and more people use bikes for exercise or to commute to work. According to a new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of fatal bicycle accidents across the United States hit an all time low of 621 in 2010, but ever since then, it has been increasing, with 818 bicyclists dying in collisions in 2015, the most recent year in which data was available.

Additional Findings about Bicycle Accidents


bicycle accidents, bicycle dooring accidents, dooring accidents, Lake County bike accident attorneys, Waukegan bicycle accident lawyerChicago has been named America’s Best Bike City, but there are still plenty of dangers for cyclists throughout the city. One of the most common and dangerous types of bicycle accidents is “dooring,” in which a cyclist is struck by a car door that is opened in their path.

Even though Chicago has added over 100 miles of bike lanes to its streets in the past several years, the prevalence of dooring accidents has increased during that time, demonstrating the need for both drivers and cyclists to stay safe when using the road.

Increased Instances of Dooring

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