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School Bus Safety: What Every Driver Needs to Know When School Is Back in Session

Posted on in School Bus Accidents
Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois school bus accident lawyer,Every fall, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that around twenty-three million students nationwide depend on school buses for regular transportation to and from school. Although school bus accidents do happen while traveling on the roadways, for the most part, a majority of bus collisions are due to children walking to and from the bus. Only a portion of reported accidents are actually due to buses being in motion and colliding with other vehicles. This is why the NHTSA, teachers, and communities as a whole harp so extensively on the need for school bus education for both drivers and students. Key Prevention Tips So, what are the most important rules of thumb for those sharing the road with students taking the bus to school everyday? What can you do as a parent, neighbor, and citizen to ensure our youth is safe as they travel to and from campuses each day? Basic driver awareness can go a long away. Keep the following five safety tips in mind as you operate your vehicle on the roadways this school season: 1. Pay attention to the driveway. Preventing school bus accidents begins from the moment you put your car in reverse to back out of your driveway to leave for work or school in the morning. Be sure to check your mirrors and look behind you before you exit your garage. It is easy to miss children walking or bicycling to school on the sidewalks and streets as you hurry to leave the house. 2.  Watch your speed. This seems like an obvious one, but all too often drivers who are not mindful of their speed end up missing school bus “STOP” signs or fail to see children congregating around sidewalks and bus stops as they wait for their bus to arrive. Slow down and remain vigilant, especially before and after school hours. 3.  Watch for groups and gatherings. When children get together in groups or gather around bus stops, street corners, and along sidewalks, they often dart out into the street to play or veer into traffic when they are distracted by one another. Exercise extra caution when you spot these gatherings by slowing down and practicing defensive driving. 4. Understand the system. Familiarize yourself with the flashing signal light system and the standard state school bus laws. In general, when you see yellow flashing lights on the bus, this means the bus is about to stop and load or unload children. If the lights are flashing red, an extended arm that says “Stop” appears, indicating that children are in the process of getting on or off. When the lights are red, you are required to bring your vehicle to a complete stop until the sign and lights disappear. 5. Keep your distance. When you approach a school bus, always allow a safe distance between your vehicle and the bus. At times, children will dart around the back of the bus or run around the sides, making it difficult to anticipate and react quickly behind the wheel. Keeping a safe distance between you and the bus is one simple, surefire way to help prevent needless accident and injury.

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