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Illinois motorcyclist killed after accident with second driver

Posted on in Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers should hopefully know and understand that on the roads, there is only so much that one can control. And Uunfortunately, other drivers are not something we can control. Other drivers will act negligently and recklessly and these actions will inevitably cause accidents, injury and sometimes even death.

Motorcyclists are especially are aware of the dangers that come with sharing the road with other drivers. Motorcycles and their riders are at a heightened risk because they are smaller than cars and can be hard to see. Despite these risks, many Illinoisans are still passionate about their bikes.

Sadly, one Illinois man from Rockton recently lost his life following a motorcycle accident. The 48-year-old biker was travelling along Illinois Route #75 heading west. At some point, another vehicle turned into a driveway directly in front of the man. The motorcyclist was injured and had to be transported to the Rockford Memorial Hospital.

Only three days later, the victim diedThe victim died three day after being transported to the hospital. His fatal injuries were to his head, chest and abdomen. Police are still investigating the incident and there is no information yet, as to the driver of the other vehicle and whether any citations will be issued.

Although driver negligence is may be an inevitability, this does not mean there is no recourse to be taken in the event that such negligence causes injuries or death to another. The man&s family and estate in this case can bring a wrongful death claim against the other driver, if it is determined that the driver was responsible for the crash.

If a motorcycle injury results from any crash or accident involving a second party, it may be a good idea to speak with an Illinois mMotorcycle iInjury a Attorney to determine all the options available for the victim and to recover medical expenses.

Source: WIFR.com, "Rockton Man Dies After Motorcycle Accident," June 7, 2013

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