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Hit-and-Run Accidents Continue to Harm Nationwide

Waukegan personal injury attorneys, hit-and-run crash, hit-and-run accident, pedestrian fatalities, Lake County automobile accidentEach year, more than 1,000 Americans are fatally injured in hit-and-run accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the rate of hit-and-run incidents is on the rise nationwide. Throughout the three year span from 2009 to 2011, the NHTSA recorded a 13.7 percent increase in fatal hit-and-run accidents.

Recent studies suggest that the uptick in fatal hit-and-run accidents has a disproportionate impact on pedestrians. Roughly 60 percent of all deadly hit-and-run accidents involve pedestrians as victims. Even more concerning is the fact that one-in-five pedestrian fatalities occur as hit-and-run accidents.

How to React to a Hit-and-Run Incident

In the aftermath of a hit-and-run collision, victims can be dazed, confused, and in shock. However, the first few moments after a hit-and-run accident are critical and can potentially save you time, money, and your life.

Safety First

If you or a loved one is struck by a vehicle, the most important first step you can take is to get out of the road, if you are physically able to do so. A hit-and-run victim who is lying in the street could be struck by an additional vehicle if he or she remains in the road for an extended period of time. Therefore, carefully move out of the street to a sidewalk or driveway.

Compile Information

When a hit-and-run victim is in a lucid state, post accident, it can be crucially important to compile as much information about the accident as possible. If you can take a picture of the driver's license plate number, or even a picture that showcases the color,  make, and model of the vehicle, that information can greatly assist police personnel. Also, if you are able to speak with a witness, jot down his or her contact information. A witness can make all the difference in a hit-and-run collision.

Contact Emergency Personnel

In the moments following a hit-and-run accident, victims often downplay the extent of their injuries. This can be due to shock, confusion, or delayed symptoms. If you or a loved one is involved in a hit-and-run accident, contact emergency medical personnel immediately, regardless of the perceived severity of one’s injuries.

Contact a Lake County Car Accident Attorney Today

Every year thousands of pedestrians are killed by automobiles throughout the United States. In the event of a hit and run, compiling the necessary insurance and legal information can be increasingly difficult. If you or a member of your family are injured in an automobile collision, contact our experienced and compassionate team of Waukegan personal injury attorneys.




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