Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer,Once fault has been determined in a car accident, victims can move forward to recover damages against the negligent party. The point of awarding damages to the victim is to “make the victim whole” again, or as close as the victim was before they were injured. Victims can be compensated for both economic damages and non-economic damages.

Economic damages include items like medical bills and lost wages. Non-economic damages include emotional distress and pain and suffering. Non-economic damages can also be awarded for the wrongful death of a family’s loved one.

In order to recover money for economic damages, a person needs to keep succinct records of the funds they have lost or bills they have incurred.

Medical Bills

Whether a person has medical insurance or not, it is important to keep documentation of all medical expenses caused by the auto accident injuries. This is especially critical if the victim has any out-of-pocket expenses or no medical coverage at all. Documentation should include:

Lost Wages

If a victim’s injuries caused them to lose time from work, which resulted in loss of wages or income, they are entitled to file a claim for those losses. Loss of income not only includes lost wages, but can also include the victim’s future earning capacity if the injury has resulted in a long-term disability. Lost opportunity is also claimable. For example, if a victim had a job interview set up, but was unable to attend because of their accident injuries, they can include that in their claim, as well.

In order to file a claim for lost wages, the following documentation should be submitted:

If you have been injured in an auto accident, you are entitled to recover damages for your medical expenses and loss wages. Contact an experienced Lake County injury attorney to find out what legal steps you need to take for compensation.