Many of our readers may have heard that four young children, and seven relatives total, died recently in a fatal truck accident. The accident occurred at night, about 70 miles outside of Chicago. The family was travelling in a Jeep on Interstate 65 near Roselawn, Indiana, when traffic slowed due to road construction. The Jeep came to a stop behind the backed-up traffic, but a semi-truck travelling northbound failed to see the back-up and crashed into the Jeep. The impact pushed the SUV into a second semi. The Jeep immediately caught fire and the fire spread quickly to both semi-trucks.

Initially, first responders only noticed two bodies in the SUV because of the fire damage but later came to the devastating realization that seven people were killed inside the car. The deceased victims ranged from 3-years-old to 49-years-old and were all related.

The semi-truck driver that failed to stop also suffered some injuries and was transported to a nearby hotel. No one else was hurt in the crash. Officials are investigating the incident, but initial reports indicated that neither alcohol nor drugs were a factor in the accident.

Investigations are crucial in trucking accidents. The evidence obtained can help prosecutors pursue criminal charges against a driver or trucking company and can also help families who choose to bring a wrongful death claim against a liable party. Although no amount of money or a guilty verdict will heal the remaining family members in this case, a successful outcome against a negligent driver or party can bring a sense of closure to the people left behind.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "7 killed, including 4 kids, when Jeep crushed by semis," Aug. 16, 2013