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Child Pedestrian Fatalities Continue to Cause Concern

Posted on in Pedestrian Accidents

b2ap3_thumbnail_child-pedestrian-fatalities-Waukegan.jpgOn April 19, a two-year-old boy was fatally injured while crossing the street in West Englewood. The two-year-old victim was holding his aunt’s hand when a van turned off of 71st Street onto Damen Avenue. The vehicle struck both pedestrians. This latest tragedy serves as a stark reminder that children are some of the most susceptible pedestrian accident victims when hit by vehicles.

In 2016 alone, just under 6,000 pedestrians lost their lives in automobile accidents throughout the country. The alarmingly high number of fatalities marks an 11 percent increase in statistics from 2015. 

The most worrisome aspect of pedestrian injuries is the fact that young children tend to be one of the most impacted demographics. Roughly 15 percent of all pedestrians injured annually are children aged 14 years or younger.

Child Pedestrian Fatalities

With rapidly improving technology, significant steps have been made to improve child safety. Yet child pedestrians still remain in danger. Over 20 percent of all children killed in automobile accidents are pedestrians. Even more concerning is the fact that upwards of 5 percent of all annual pedestrian fatalities are children under the age of 14. 

Why Are Children So Susceptible?

Child pedestrians are disproportionately injured in automobile accidents for a number of reasons. To begin, children are much more likely to disregard traffic signs, therefore increasing the possibility of a collision. Another concerning factor is the general size difference between children and adults. Because of their generally smaller stature, children are much more likely to suffer serious head and neck injuries if struck by an automobile. These types of injuries often result in long-term health issues. In many cases, the injuries can prove fatal. 

Important Safety Reminders

Pedestrians are encouraged to walk on sidewalks or paths when available. Otherwise, pedestrians should walk on the shoulder facing traffic. When there is no crosswalk or intersection, however, pedestrians are encouraged to safely cross in a well lit area when there is a pause in traffic. Finally, pedestrians should never assume that a driver will see him or her. With so many distractions that can easily lead to driver negligence, it is essential for pedestrians to always be alert.

Discuss Your Case with a Skilled Lake County Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious injury can be an emotionally and physically grueling process. The pain and difficulty of processing such injuries can be amplified when it involves children.

At Salvi & Maher L.L.C., our team of compassionate Waukegan personal injury attorneys have years of experience helping families cope in the aftermath of a serious injury to a loved one. If you or a member of your family suffer an injury in a pedestrian or automobile accident, contact us online or call us today at 847-662-3303 to schedule a consultation.





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