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Can I Sue for Medical Malpractice If I Was Given the Wrong Prescription Medication?

Posted on in Medical Malpractice

Waukegan personal injury attorneysAbout 55 percent of Americans take at least one prescription medication on a regular basis. Many more take prescription medication occasionally for temporary illnesses and injuries. We trust that the medications we are prescribed are safe, effective, and dosed accurately. Unfortunately, prescription medication errors occur every day. Some of these errors are minor and do not result in any significant harm to the patient while other medication mistakes result in serious injury or death. If you have been the victim of a major medication error, you may be entitled to compensation.

Medication Errors Can Result in Painful, Lingering Consequences

Last October, an Illinois man rushed to the emergency room after realizing he was the victim of a major medication mistake. The man had been prescribed Tobramycin-Dexamethasone eye drops by his doctor after developing a minor eye infection. However, when the man went to Walgreens to have the prescription filled, the pharmacy worker gave him ear drops. The man trusted that the medication he received was correct and used the drops in his eyes for five days before realizing that he had received the wrong medication. He experienced painful burning and swelling of his eyes that lasted for months.

Medication errors that lead to medical malpractice claims often involve mislabeled medication, inaccurate dosing, prescription or administration of a medication the patient is allergic to, drug interactions, and medication mix ups. Depending on the circumstances, the fault for medication errors may lie with the doctor who prescribed the medication, the nurse or other healthcare worker who administered the medication, or the pharmacist who filled the prescription. Liability may also be shared by the hospital, pharmacy, nursing home, or other medical facility at which the error occurred.

Carelessness Can Lead to Dangerous Prescription Medication Errors

When a medical professional’s negligence causes a patient harm, the professional or medical facility may be legally responsible for damages. Medical negligence occurs when a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other medical professional deviates from the prevailing standard of care and this deviation causes a patient’s injury. The standard of care is typically defined as the level of care that a medical professional of similar education and experience would provide in similar circumstances. If a medical professional negligently gives a patient the wrong medication and the medication made the patient’s existing medical condition worse or caused new health problems, the patient may have a valid medical malpractice claim. The patient may be entitled to compensation for his or her medical expenses, disability, pain and suffering, and more.

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