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Can I Be Compensated in Illinois for Injuries Caused by Objects Falling From Another Vehicle?

Posted on in Truck Accidents

Waukegan personal injury attorneysDriving on any Illinois road exposes drivers to many dangers, among which is falling objects from trucks and other motor vehicles. Some of the products hauled in our streets daily include, construction materials, gravel, demolition debris, furniture, and many other kinds of cargo. It is not uncommon for some of these objects to become loose and fall off the trucks carrying them. It is therefore important to keep a safe distance and obey all other traffic rules to avoid these falling objects which can cause serious accidents or even death.

Federal and State Laws on Carrying Loads

Federal and Illinois state laws require drivers of flatbeds or any vehicle carrying a load to safely secure the load with devices that prevent the cargo from falling onto the roadway. The laws also prohibit tractor-trailers from being driven on any roads unless and until their cargo is safely secured and covered to prevent spillage or falling.

There are also laws that drivers and operators must follow governing transportation of hazardous materials to make sure these materials are not spilled or accidentally released. Spills involving hazardous materials can cause accidents leading to injuries and damage for those sharing the road and following behind.

Duty of Commercial Truck Operators and Drivers

As is the case with most other motor vehicles on the road, commercial trucks are essential in the state and country’s economic activities.. However, the law imposes a duty on the drivers and operators of these commercial trucks to make sure the containers carrying their cargo have no defects and that the securing devices used are not defective either.

If this is not done, the product being transported can become loose and fall off the commercial truck or other vehicle carrying the product and having it fall on a vehicle behind the truck. In other cases, the product falls on the road and vehicles behind get into accidents either by hitting the object or swerving to avoid it. A driver who is found to have been negligent is securing his or her cargo is likely to be held liable for any injuries caused as a result. 

A Lake County Injury Lawyer Can Help

If you or a member of your family has been injured in an accident caused by an object falling off a commercial truck or other vehicle, causing an accident, contact an experienced Waukegan personal injury attorney to evaluate your case and get help in obtaining compensation for your injuries. We know how to investigate and establish facts which can be used to hold the appropriate party or parties accountable. One of our skilled lawyers will advise you on the best way forward and help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. Schedule a free consultation to talk to one of our lawyers by calling 847-662-3303. At Salvi & Maher, L.L.C., we collect our fees only when you collect compensation.





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