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Avoiding ATV Accidents

Posted on in Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Illinois personal injury lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illinois ATV accident lawyer,Operating any kind of recreational vehicle brings with it a level of risk, and ATVs are no exception. Studies have shown that ATV rollovers are a major cause of fatalities and countless injuries. Fatalities are typically caused by the ATV crushing the rider or by rider falls, where the rider is ejected and makes impact with the ground or other objects.

The design of an ATV can also be problematic depending on the driver and their experience, as well as their level of physical fitness. For example, a short wheel base, narrow track, and high center gravity position can make maneuvering and operating an ATV challenging for those less familiar with riding.

Tips for Staying Safe

While the statistics can be alarming, there is no reason you cannot have fun on your ATV and stay safe. Do not let the facts keep you from enjoying your recreational vehicle. Much like operating any other type of vehicle, taking simple steps to be proactive and responsible can ensure that you operate your ATV safely while enjoying the activity at the same time. Here are some easy tips to help prevent injury:

  • Do not disregard proper attire and safety clothing: Helmets, goggles, bright clothing, and various athletic garments all offer an element of protection for your head, eyes, and skin, designed to keep you safe from impact. Long sleeves, long pants, and shoes that protect your ankles from scrapes and burns are ideal. Take helmets and your attire seriously when operating an ATV;
  • Ride sober: This should go without saying, but operating a recreational vehicle under the influence of any alcohol or drug instantly increases your chances of hurting yourself and others. Do not drive your ATV unless you are sober and can think clearly;
  • Get certified: There are certification classes available for those who own or choose to operate an ATV. Familiarizing yourself with the basic operation and various maneuver techniques can further prepare and equip you to drive safely. In some counties, certification is a mandatory requirement, and it can vary by age; and
  • Stay Off-Road: Never drive your ATV on public roads or other paved surfaces, unless you need to cross them in order to reach the other side of the road or to reach a certain path.

There is never a single way to prevent ATV injuries. Instead, prevention begins with taking the initiative to learn how to be a safe operator. Should you experience an unfortunate ATV collision or any other type of recreational vehicle crash, you need to contact a professional Lake County recreational vehicle accident attorney to protect your rights. Call Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. at 847-662-3303 today to schedule a free consultation.




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