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Five Effective Bicycle Accident Injury Prevention

Posted on in Bicycle Accidents

Illinois injury attorney, Illinois car accident lawyer, Illinois personal injury lawyer,Bicyclists in the state of Illinois, like bike riders all across the country, regularly enjoy the benefits of bicycle transportation to commute and for leisure, but bike accident statistics consistently show us that extra precautions need to be made to ensure rider safety. Bicyclist safety is just as important for driver and pedestrian safety, as it only takes one accident to impact anyone in the collision’s path.

The Big Picture

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that in the year 2013 alone, there were an estimated 494,000 emergency department visits as a result of bicycle-related injuries. Within the same year, there were over 900 bicyclist fatalities, and data from the year 2010 revealed those involved in non-fatal crash-related injuries incurred lifetime medical costs due to their accidents. Despite the fact that only one percent of all trips made in the United States are by bicycle, studies show that bike riders have an overall higher risk of injury and death, even more so than those operating motor vehicles.

Preventative Measures with Proven Success

Although injury and fatality risks are higher for those who choose to get around by bike, there are thankfully a number of preventative measures in place to help protect bicyclists as they get from point A to point B. Here are five effective injury prevention measures aimed at protecting bicyclists:

  1. Lighting and visibility methods - There is an abundance of fluorescent clothing available that is designed to make bicyclists more visible from a distance, as well as retro-reflective clothing that works to make riders more visible at night.
  2. Special Lighting - Along with special clothing that increases visibility, special lighting such as front white lights and rear red lights are designed to ensure bicyclists are seen on the roadways.
  3. Helmet laws - Helmet laws exist for both children and adults that were created to protect bike riders from serious head and brain injury. Bicycle helmets are consistently proven to significantly reduce head and brain injuries in the event of a collision.
  4. Roadway engineering designs - Special roadway engineering design efforts have been made to help protect bicyclists on the roadways, such as bike lane designs on highways that allow riders to ride safely in their own lanes.
  5. Awareness resources - The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration funds the sharing of a number of helpful resources for bicyclists and pedestrians alike that help keep them informed on the latest news, statistics, and transportation safety tips. There are countless programs and campaigns aimed at raising bicyclist safety awareness as well as webinar training and other events designed to show bicyclists how to prevent injury.

If you have been involved in a collision as a bicyclist and are concerned about your rights in a court of law, you need to speak with a highly skilled, knowledgeable Lake County bike accident attorney right away. Call Salvi & Maher, L.L.C. at 847-662-3303 for a personal consultation.



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