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When people in Cook County get into a car accident, there are many things that they have to deal with such as police reports, insurance claims, car repairs and injuries. However, there are things that people can do to protect themselves from legal complications if they are in a car accident. These things include knowing what to say, having an accident kit and reviewing one's insurance policy.

Saying the right things

After an accident, it is important to be careful about making any statements. For example, if a driver tells law enforcement they may have been going too fast it could lead to the officer deciding that they are responsible for the accident before all of the details are known. It is better for drivers to refrain from giving additional information or making any statements that could be incriminating.

Likewise, if a person says that they feel fine, it could interfere with any potential insurance claims they may have to make later. Sometimes, injuries do not surface immediately and making statements like this can lead to claims being denied and unnecessary litigation.

Creating an accident kit

An accident kit can provide people with the tools and prompts they need in the event of a collision. These kits generally hold the following items:

  • Warning triangles or flares.
  • Disposable camera to document the accident with pictures.
  • Paper and pen to make notes with.
  • Flashlight.
  • Card with allergies/health conditions.
  • Emergency contact information.

In addition to these items, it can also be beneficial to have an accident form. These can be obtained through an online source, an insurance agent or they can be hand created. The forms help capture important information about the accident such as the location, weather conditions and contact information for other drivers and witnesses.

Insurance policy review

The final thing that people can do is to conduct a review of their current insurance policy. Before they do this, they should make a list of what their needs could be in the event of an accident. These things can include the need for a rental car or an estimate of a deductible that fits their budget.

Once they have this list, then they should carefully go through their insurance policy, line by line, to understand what exactly their policy will cover. If they find that the coverage is inadequate or they want to add additional features like a replacement vehicle or towing, they should immediately meet with their insurance agent to make those changes. Contact an attorney Car accidents can get extremely complicated and lead to months of struggles with other drivers, law enforcement and insurance companies. If a person is injured, they will likely have to deal with hospital bills and other medical care. Therefore, a victim should make it a point to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

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